Technical Committees


China Computer Federation (CCF) has 38 Technical Committees (TC), covering the research, development and application in computing, and focusing on academic activities. TC is governed by CCF.

TC’s mission is to bring professionals in computing and related fields together to carry out academic and technology knowledge sharing, strategy research, professional and technical standards, professional qualifications and accreditation, occupation training and other related activities in accordance with respective fields, so as to advance the research, education and application, to promote the application and commercialization of research results, to enhance academic influence in computing technology and application at home and abroad.

1Artificial Intelligence & Pattern Recognition
2Big Data  
3Block Chain
5CAD and Graphics
6Chinese Information Technology
7Computer Applications
8Computer Architecture
9Computer Engineering and Techniques
10Computer Security
11Computer Vision
12Cooperative Computing
14Distributed Computing and Processing
16Embedded Systems
17Fault Tolerant Computing
18Formal Methods  
19High Performance Computing
20Human Computer Interaction
21Industrial Control Computer
22Information Security
23Information Storage Technology
24Information System
26Internet of Things
27Multimedia Technology
28Network and Data Communications
29Pervasive Computing
30Service Computing
31Severe Environment Computer
32Software Engineering
33Speech, Dialogue and Auditory Processing
34Systems Software
35Theoretical Computer Science
36Virtual Reality and Visualization Technology
37Integrated Circuit Design
38Intelligent Robot
39Quantum Computation
40Task Force on Agent-based computational economics