2020 Events Plan of CCF TC (Part 1)


2020 Events Plan of CCF TC (Part 1)


June-December        Online Contest

The 8th CCF Big Data & Computing Intelligence Contest

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC32-01Cp


Organizer:AC for CCF Big Data、WeInData etc.

Contact Information:Chen Juan bigdata@ccf.org.cn

12-13 June       Changchun, Jilin

2020 Panel for Task force on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, CCF TC on AI and Pattern Recognition

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC18-01Sp


Organizer:CCF TC on Artificial Intelligence & Pattern Recognition

Contact Information:Wan Hai, wanhai@mail.sysu.edu.cn

18-21 June         Dalian, Liaoning

CCF Computer Industry Summit

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC10-01Fp


Organizer:CCF TC on Computer Applications、Dalian University

Contact Information:Lu Zeguang, zeguanglu@icpcsee.org


10-13 July,      Nanjing Jiangsu

2020 Computer Education Conference of China (CCF CCEC2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC11-01Np

Host:CCF、Association of Computing Education

Organizer:CCFTC on Education、Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics、Collaborative Innovation Center of Novel Software Technology and Industrialization, Jiangsu Province

Contact Information:Huang Lan, huanglan@jlu.edu.cn


1-3 August       Changsha, Hunan

China Conference on Data Mining 2020 (CCDM2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC18-01Np

Host:CCF、Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)

Organizer:CCFTC on AI and Pattern Recognition, Hunan University, AC of CCF YOCSEF in Changsha

Contact Information:Xu Ying, ccdm2020@126.com


10-11, August        Beijing

CCF Design for IC and Automatic Conference 2020 (CCF DAC2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC37-01Np


Organizer: CCF Task Force on Integrated Circuit Design, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact Information:Li Huawei, lihuawei@ict.ac.cn

12-13, August   Beijing

2020 Independent Controllable Computer Conference

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC13-01Sp


Organizer:CCFTC on Severe Environment Computer

Supporter:No. 706 Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp.

Contact Information:Ren Jia, 923803994@qq.com

13 -14, August           Tianjin

The 24th Annual Meeting of Computer Engineering and Techniques

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC08-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Computer Engineering and Techniques, Tianjin University, Feiteng (Tianjin)Company

Contact Information:Li Jinwen, lijinwen@sina.com


13-15, August         Kunming, Yunnan

2020 Annual Conference on Computer Architecture

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC22-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Computer Architecture、Yunan Normal University、The National Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Processing, School of Computer, National University of Defense Technology

Contact Information:Shen Li, lishen@nudt.edu.cn


14-16 August           Harbin, Heilongjiang

The 5th CCF Bioinformatics Conference

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC33-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Bioinformatics, Northeast Forestry University

Contact Information:Zhang Fa, zhangfa@ict.ac.cn

15-17 August          Ningbo, Zhejiang

National Open Distributed and Parallel Computing Conference 2020 (DPCS2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC12-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Distributed Computing and Processing, Ningbo University

Contact Information:Ye Baoliu, yebl@hhu.edu.cn

20th August            Xi’an, Shaanxi

The 11th China Testing Conference 2020 (CCF CTC2020)

Conf. No.CCF-20-TC19-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Fault Tolerant Computing, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications

Contact Information:Liu Youyao, lyyao2002@xupt.edu.cn

21-22 August             Xining, Qinghai

2020 CCF Service Computing Conference (CCF NCSC2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC02-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Service Computing, Qinghai University

Contact Information:Xie Yong, mark.y.xie@qq.com

21-22 August               Xining, Qinghai

CCF 2020 International Conference on Service Science (CCF ICSS2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC02-01Ip


Organizer:CCFTC on Service Computing, Southeast University

Contact Information: Wang Hongbing, hbw@seu.edu.cn

28-30 August             Changchun, Jilin

The 23th CAD/CG Conference (CAD/CG2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC07-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on CAD and Graphics, Jilin University

Contact Information:Che Xiangjiu, chexj@jlu.edu.cn


12-13 September              Hangzhou, Zhejiang

2020 China Industrial Computer Conference (CIC 2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC04-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Industrial Control Computer, Beijing Institute of Control Engineering, Gemotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Contact Information:Yang Hua, yangh@bice.org.cn

18 -20 September            Changchun, Jilin

The 20th China VR Conference (ChinaVR 2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC30-01Np

Host:CCF、China Society of Image and Graphics, China Simulation Federation

Organizer:CCFTC on Virtual Reality and Visualization Technology, Jilin Animation Institute

Contact Information:Rao Yunbo, uestc2008@126.com


18-21 September           Dunhuang, Gansu

The 14th China Conference on Wireless Sensor Network (CWSN2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC24-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Internet of Things, Northwest Normal University

Contact Information:Dang Xiaochao, dangxc@nwnu.edu.cn

20-22 September            Jinan, Shandong

The 14th China Conference on Human Computer Interaction (CHCI2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC18-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Human Computer Interactive, Jinan University

Contact Information:Yu Chun, chunyu@tsinghua.edu.cn


20 -22 September           Jinan, Shandong

The 16th National Pervasive Computing Conference (PCC 2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC15-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Pervasive Computing, Jinan University

Contact Information:Xie Lei, lxie@nju.edu.cn


21 -23 September            Fuzhou, Fujian

The 13th Symposium on Computer Network Teaching in University and Construction of Network Engineering Discipline (CCF CNETCED-2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC05-01Sp


Organizer:CCFTC on Internet, Fujian Normal University

Contact Information:Xu Ming, xuming@nudt.edu.cn

23 -25 September              Guangzhou, Guangdong

The 17th National Web Information System and Application Conference (WISA2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC29-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Information System, Guangzhou University

Contact Information:Wang Guojun, csgjwang@csu.edu.cn

24 -25 September             Guiyang, Guizhou

The 30th National Severe Environment Computer Conference

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC13-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Severe Environment Computer

Contact Information:Ren Jia, 923803994@qq.com


15-16 October            Jinan, Shandong

The 9th China Internet Conference of China (CCF ICoC 2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC05-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Internet, Jinan University

Contact Information:Chen Zhenxiang, czx@ujn.edu.cn

16-17 October          Shanghai

The Forum on China System Software 2020 (TCSS)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC25-01Fp


Organizer:CCFTC on System Software, CCFTC on Software Engineering, East China Normal University

Contact Information:Bu Lei, bulei@nju.edu.cn

16 -18 October          Wuhan, Hubei

The 37th National Database Conference (NDBC2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC21-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Database、Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Contact Information:Li Jianjun, jianjunli@hust.edu.cn

16-18 October           Xiangyang, Hubei

2020 China Computer Applications Conference

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC10-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Computer Applications, Hebei University of Arts and Science

Contact Information:Lu Zeguang, zeguanglu@icpcsee.org

17-18 October            Chengdu, Sichuan

The 18th CCF Embedded Systems Technology Conference(ESTC2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC16-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Embedded Systems, Sichuan University

Contact Information:Zhou Wendi, 1647534125@qq.com

19 -22 October            Chongqing

The 19th National Software and Applications Conference (NASAC2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC20-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Software Engineering, CCFTC on System Software, Chongqing University

Contact Information:Wen Junhao, jhwen@cqu.edu.cn


23-24 October         Xuzhou, Jiangsu

China Intelligent Robot Conference

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC38-01Np


Organizer:CCF Task Force on Intelligent Robot, China University of Mining and Technology

Contact Information:Li Ming, liming@cumt.edu.cn

23 -25 October          Xiamen, Fujian

The 13th China Graphic Conference (Chinagraph2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-18-TC07-01Ip

Host:CCF、Chinese Association of Automation,、China Graphics Society、China Society of Image and Graphics、China Simulation Federation、Hong Kong Society for Multimedia and Image Computing

Organizer:CCFTC on CAD & Graphics, Xiamen University

Contact Information:Yao Junfeng, yao0010@xmu.edu.cn

23-26 October          Baoding, Hebei

The 14th China Trust Computing and Information Security Conference (CTCIS 2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC19-02Np


Organizer:CCFTC on Fault Tolerant Computing, Hebei University, Nankai University

Contact Information人:Du Ruizhong, ctcis@hbu.edu.cn

28-31 October              Zhengzhou, Henan

2020 High Performance Computing Conference of China (HPC China 2020)

Conf. No.:CCF-20-TC03-01Np


Organizer:CCFTC on High Performance Computing

Contact Information:Li Xidai, lixidai@ict.ac.cn