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CCF Named First PTA Examination Centers

In order to promote PTA program and launch onsite examinations, CCF called for test centers in March in China and received much applications from universities and companies after the release. Finally,16 organizations were accepted as CCF PTA examination authorities in 39 cities all over the country, for test takers to choose one nearest.

CCF Members Innovation & Service Center Suzhou Launched

Suzhou Industrial Park, has three backbone industries of biomedicine, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, and with GDP of over 290 billion yuan in 2020, while CCF, is an academic society with 38 Technical Committees, and more than 85 thousand paid members, organizing over 1200 events and activities. Based on the cooperation, CCF Members In...

2021 CCF-Baidu Open Fund Launched

"CCF Baidu Open Fund", which jointly established by Baidu and China Computer Federation (shorted as "CCF") , open for application for 2021 projects.

Four People Got Full Scores in 2021 First CSP Certification Exam

The 22nd CCF CSP Certification Exam was held in 85 sites all over the country on 11 April, 2021, and total 8851 people from 300 sectors participated in the exam.