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The Inauguration Ceremony of 13th CCF Board Chair Held in Beijing

The inauguration ceremony of 13th CCF Board Chairman was grandly held at the Sheraton Hotel in Beijing on January 27, 2024.

CCF Announces 2023 Xia-peisu Award Recipients

CCF Awarding Committee decided that Professor Wang Yunhong, Beihang University, and Professor Zhu Xiaoyan, Tsinghua University,are awarded with 2023 CCF Xia-Peisu Award for their great contributions to China computer industry.

2023 CCF Outstanding Contribution Award to Didi Company and Professor...

CCF Awarding Committee awarded Professor Zhou Zhihua, Nanjing University, and Didi Company with 2023 CCF Outstanding Contribution award for their great contributions to CCF.

CCF Recognizes Professor Zhu for Distinguished Service

CCF Awarding Committee recognized Professor Zhu Qiaoming, Suzhou University, with 2023 CCF Distinguished Service Award, for his great contributions to CCF.